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Grooms Wedding Speech - Humorous, but Not Offensive Essay

Grooms Wedding Speech - Humorous, but Not Offensive Ladies and gentlemen, you are about to witness a unique event in history - the very first and last time that my wife is going to let me speak on behalf of both of us. It is a privilege and an honor to do so. I just hope that, so soon into our married life, I dont let her down. Today has so far been a day beyond my wildest dreams. As a child, dreaming of my wedding day, I never dared imagine that I would end up marrying someone so intelligent, so witty, so popular, so gorgeous, and so altogether fantastic... (To his wife) Is this O.K. so far? Ladies and gentlemen, it is apparently my job to do all the thankyous. The first and biggest thankyou is to all of you. Thank you all†¦show more content†¦I feel immensely fortunate to have married into such a great family. My sincere wish is that together we can build a home that is as welcoming and as full of love and happiness as theirs is (personally speaking I also quite like the idea of five bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a big garden too). Of course, my wife is just one of three wonderful sisters but on the basis that the best things come in small packages, I believe I have landed the pick of the bunch. She loves her sisters dearly and really appreciates the help and support which they have given her, not just as her bridesmaids today but throughout her life. I would say theyve been a shoulder to cry on but frankly she has never been able to reach that high. Nonetheless, thank you anyway on behalf of my wife for all your love and support down the years and for making me feel so welcome. Of course the other young lady who played a big part today is our flower girl, who I`m sure you will all agree not only looked absolutely gorgeous, but also did a great job of handing out the roses at the church. You probably noticed that the roses, which she was giving out at church, were bought on behalf of the British Heart Foundation. This is a charity very close to our hearts - excuse the pun - because my dad had heart surgery sixteen years ago. In fact it was when I was going through my teenager years, although I’m sure thats just coincidence. It is thanks to the work of charities like the B.H.F that my dad is here

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Inclusive Practice - 889 Words

Inclusive Practice is a term which means the practical things that we do, when we are working with people who use our services, which demonstrate our professional values, standards, and principles in action. In particular Inclusive Practice is about participation, collaboration, and including people: where individuals are fully involved in choices and decisions that affect their lives and in the matters that are important to them. People who use mental health services say that being listened to, having their individual needs taken account of, and staff attitudes and values is a very important part of keeping well (Dunglas Research Project, 2005). The experience of participation is often as important as the end result. Participation itself†¦show more content†¦eye contact with all students - When listening to a response, I listen attentively - I treat each student as an individual - I call on all students by name where possible – I make an effort to learn names - I intervene when students show disrespect for another student - I use small groups to foster collaborative learning - I encourage students to share their varied perspectives and experiences amp; create a supportive environment in which this can occur - I encourage students to knowShow MoreRelatedInclusive Learning in Practice2696 Words   |  78 Pageslearners, review legislative requirements relating to inclusive practice and consider their implications. Then furthermore, it will describe what I consider to be the most significant barriers to learning for the adult learners that I teach, and include a discussion of what myself and Nacro have done to overcome these barriers. Lastly, this piece of work will describe the systems that Nacro have in place to monitor the effectiveness of inclusive practice within the centre and discuss how it can be monitoredRead MoreInclusive Practice Essay3545 Words   |  15 PagesInclusive Practice Complete a written assignment that will demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the legal requirements and policy relating to inclusion. Critically analyse the issues surrounding Special Educational provision and disability in school. During the ten years that I have worked in primary education inclusivity has played an increasingly important part when considering how the curriculum can be delivered and how a classroom can be managed to ensure that it is accessed byRead MoreInclusive Practice (Dtlls)3453 Words   |  14 PagesInclusive Practice Inclusive practice in education moves us away from ‘integration’ and ‘mainstreaming’ of learners, which was mainly concerned with separating those with a disability or ‘special educational needs’ until they had reached the required standard for mainstream education. Inclusion is about the learner’s right to participate and the teacher/ institutions duty to accept the learner as an individual. Inclusion rejects the separation of learners with disabilities from learners withoutRead MoreInclusive Practice Essay3654 Words   |  15 Pages1. Introduction Inclusive education is a move towards a learning environment where ‘special school’ learners are integrated into ‘mainstream’ education. According to Nind et al. (2005) ‘Education and educational provision is shared by both ‘normal’ pupils and those with a disability, at the expense of differences in the specific nature of each child or young person and her/his particular strengths and areas of weakness, and consequences that these differences have in terms of educational needs’Read MoreInclusive Leadership Is The Practice Of Leadership1445 Words   |  6 PagesInclusive leadership is the practice of leadership that carefully includes the contributions of all stakeholders in the community or organization. The way a leadership mind is structured depend on how he structures his organization. An individual mindset might over shadow their ability to effectively overturn certain decision or behaviors. A leader’s values and charac teristics strengthen the organization cultural diversity. Modern leaders use different styles and skills to shape human intuition.Read MoreDiscussing Diversity And Diversity On Campus Through Your Article832 Words   |  4 Pagesactually address the racism taking place. In the second portion of your article, you discuss inclusivity and the ways in which SIU goes about approaching the matter. You write about the approved spaces the university has created in an attempt to be inclusive to all cultures, and the ways in which this approach may fail. You write about this approach putting the responsibility of inclusivity solely on an individual’s shoulders, as the university can claim that they’ve done their job by providing spacesRead MoreInclusive Practice in the Primary School.2077 Words   |  9 PagesHow inclusive is Frederick Bird Primary School as a learning community? ‘Inclusive education is an unabashed announcement, a public and political declaration and celebration of difference.’ (Corbett, J. 2001:134) The principles of inclusion and their implications on school practice have been fiercely debated by leading educational experts for many years. In 1994, delegates from 92 governments met at the world conference on special needs education, to consider policy changes that would enable educatorsRead MoreSupport Inclusion And Inclusive Practices2271 Words   |  10 PagesBe able to support inclusion and inclusive practices in work with children and young people. Explain what is meant by inclusion and inclusive practices. Inclusion is simply to be â€Å"included†. Inclusion is used to ensure that people with disabilities and needs are not restricted from activities and tasks due to this. Inclusion is about valuing all individuals and giving them a fair chance to be included without discrimination, inclusion should also include children from disadvantaged groups, of allRead MoreEssay on Creating a Supportive Learning Environment 1381 Words   |  6 Pageslearning environment to specifically maximise teaching and learning for all. In correspondence to each idea mentioned, I will also reflect on some potential advantages and challenges that beginning teachers may encounter when implementing these practices into the classroom. When creating a supportive learning environment it is important to consider some of the underlying barriers that can prevent the inclusion and the prospective learning of our students in the classroom. As teachers we need toRead MoreInclusive Instructional Practices Essay2829 Words   |  12 PagesInclusion is not a new idea, but has been rapidly gaining momentum within many disciplines internationally. Inclusive education is a term often associated with Special education, and children with additional needs. However, inclusive education is about ensuring that educational settings allow for meaningful participation by all learners. Each child has their own unique identity, ways of doing things, strengths and weaknesses. Ministry of Education [MoE] (1998) states that teachers â€Å"should recognise

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Vaccinations, Do They Protect Or Are They Harmful

To Vaccinate, or not to Vaccinate Vaccinations, do they protect or are they harmful? This is a question that every parent ponders when it is time to inject their children with medicines. Since vaccinations first began being administered in 1800s there have been those who protest them and those who stand behind them. It is a parents choice to have their children vaccinated or to opt out of vaccinations. A vaccine or immunization is a dose administered by either injection, orally or sometimes nasally, of a living or killed microorganism. Vaccinations are given to produce or artificially increase immunity to a particular disease. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is an advocate fro pro vaccination. The CDC urges parents to have their children vaccinated. The CDC believes that vaccinations are an important step in keeping children safe from potentially dangerous diseases. According to the CDC vaccinations have significantly reduced and in some cases eliminated certain diseases. Ho wever, they warn that these diseases do still exist. The CDC admits that because of sucessfullness of vaccinations that most young parents have never seen the devastating effects that diseases such as polio, measles, or whooping cough ( also known as pertussis) can have on a family or community. â€Å"its easy to think of these as diseases that only existed in the past† says the CDC. The CDC warns that if the vaccination rates drop in a community that it would not be uncommon for an outbreak of suchShow MoreRelatedVaccination Research : Vaccines And Vaccines1316 Words   |  6 PagesVaccination Research In colonial America in the 1700’s the smallpox virus was spreading throughout the population, and killing as many of half of the people who were contracting the virus. According to the earliest form of vaccinations was called â€Å"inoculation† and was being debated if it was considered safe. The fear was understandable, because the process to inoculate against the smallpox was riskier than todays modern vaccine. In the 1700’s inoculating statistics proved that it helpedRead MoreThe Importance Of Vaccines786 Words   |  4 Pages A big controversy among parents is vaccinations. Should children get vaccinated? Should parents have the right to choose if they vaccinate their children? Many people believe the risk factors of a vaccination outweigh the helping abilities. A few claims on why i find this invalid include the lives saved rather than the lives lost to vaccines, the future generations protected from outbreak, and the amount of each ingredients sa fety in the amount used. initially, The lives saved by vaccines heavilyRead MoreShould Children Be Vaccinated?1599 Words   |  7 Pages Why move backward when you can move forward? Vaccinations are considered to be one of the greatest health developments in the 20th century. A vaccine is defined as â€Å"a substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against one or several diseases, prepared from the causative agent of a disease, its products, or a synthetic substitute, treated to act as an antigen without inducing the disease.† Hundred of thousands of lives have been saved in the last twenty years dueRead MoreSave A Child From A Life Threatening Disease1339 Words   |  6 Pagesyou had the option to save a child from a life-threatening disease, could you imagine choosing not to do so? Every year thousands of parents choose not to vaccinate their children from diseases like polio, whooping cough, and other life-threatening diseases. One simple decision to not vacci nate a child runs the risk of potentially infecting other children that are too young to receive the vaccination yet. It is because of this potential danger that I am in favor of the mandation of childhood vaccinesRead MoreThe Importance Of Vaccination1241 Words   |  5 Pagessociety just because they do not believe in vaccination? Vaccinations help save lives by building immunity to deadly diseases, but people are willing to risk lives just because their political beliefs or religious beliefs or skepticism keeps them from vaccinating their children. To make sure everyone in the community is safe from certain diseases, the government needs to make most vaccinations mandatory for every child. There are already a few state mandates regarding vaccinations needed, such as DTaPRead MoreVaccination Informed Parental Choice : Vaccination Essay1614 Words   |  7 PagesVaccination†¦Informed Parental Choice The recent measles outbreak occurring at Disneyland in December 2014 became widespread news and rekindled an ongoing debate of childhood vaccination. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which is the United States government agency responsible for the protection of Americans from health threats, there were 159 incidents of measles arising from this outbreak (â€Å"Morbidity and Mortality† 373). Considering this outbreak, it is not unexpectedRead MoreVaccines : The Anti Vaccine Movement1385 Words   |  6 PagesVaccines save lives; fear endangers them. Vaccinations have been used since the 18th century to cure various deadly diseases, from smallpox to the influenza virus. On a global level, vaccination is one of the few cost-effective medical measures that result in universal benefit. Yet there have always been those opposed to vaccinations because of possible side effects. With the increase in technology and the ability to share ideas in modern s ociety the anti vaccine movement has flourished making theRead MoreChildhood Vaccinations Should Be Mandatory Essay1607 Words   |  7 Pagesrekindled an ongoing debate of childhood vaccination. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which is the United States government agency responsible for the protection of Americans from health threats, there were 159 measles incidents arising from this occurrence (â€Å"Measles† 373). Considering this outbreak, it is not unexpected that the role of vaccination would come to the forefront. The CDC is presently advocating 29 vaccinations for children through the age of six yearsRead MoreVaccinations And How Vaccines Protect Us All By Harrison Wein And Beliefs About Childhood Vaccinations1428 Words   |  6 Pagesto remain healthy, vaccinations come to mind. Vaccinations, to many people, are a necessity to remain healthy. I know when I was younger I hated to get a shot, but when I think about it today I am gl ad my parents made me get them. My mother was a nurse, so she knew the importance of vaccinations. Unfortunately, in todays’ society some parents think vaccinations can be more harmful then helpful, therefore refusing to vaccinate their children. The articles â€Å"How Vaccines Protect Us All† by HarrisonRead MoreThe Anti Vaccination Epidemic Of Canada1489 Words   |  6 Pagesvalue to society if it is not communicated.† Unfortunately, we live in an age where misinformation allows the distortion of science for decidedly un-scientific purposes. There is no greater example of this phenomenon than the anti-vaccination epidemic. Childhood vaccinations for easily prevented diseases such as Diphtheria, Polio, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Meningococcal Disease, Pertussis, and Varicella, must be made mandatory for all Canadians attempting to enroll in public school or public day care

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Designing a Flexible Web

Designing a Flexible Web-Based Reading Environment Essay Outline1 Abstract2 Introduction3 Integrating Technology in Reading Comprehension Instruction 2.1 Rethinking reading comprehension instruction4 Conclusions Abstract Reading has always been a foundational element of one’s education. The ultimate goal of reading, however, is not limited to word recognition; the reader’s success lies in comprehension. Comprehending a text is undoubtedly a complex process and it is even more difficult for all learners to acquire self-regulating reading skills. A framework of how a web-based reading environment should be designed in order to meet students’ diverse needs and help them develop reading comprehension skills through processes that favor self regulated reading is outlined in this paper. The attempted synthesis is based on the main premises of Self-regulation Theory and the pedagogical approach of Universal Design for Learning, taking advantage of the new possibilities offered by digital texts and Web 2.0 applications. Introduction Reading has always been a foundational element of one’s education. Learning to read is intended to provide students with skills that are necessary for proper word recognition and text decoding. The ultimate goal of reading though, is not limited to the recognition of isolated words, but lies in the reader accessing the meaning of the text. Reading comprehension is achieved when words are recognized and their meanings identified, relevant background knowledge is activated and inferences are generated as information is processed during the course of reading. It has also been pointed out that monitoring processes are essential in order to track both ongoing comprehension and the internal consistency of text, allowing the reader to apply repair strategies if there is a danger of comprehension breaking down . Comprehending a text is undoubtedly a complex process. Currently both primary and secondary education teachers are frequently confronted with the same dual problem: the lack o f reading comprehension skills on the part of many of their students and their own lack of experience on how to remedy this deficiency. It is therefore imperative that obstacles to reading comprehension instruction be overcome, that a shift towards a modern model of reading comprehension takes place and, crucially, that individual differences –a major factor that influences reading comprehension– are taken into consideration. Especially nowadays, as the emphasis on creating life-long learners increases, it is important that teachers not only foster reading comprehension but also help develop engaged selfregulated readers, i.e. readers â€Å"who set themselves realistic goals, select effective reading strategies, monitor their understanding of the text, and evaluate progress towards their goals† . This implies that the appropriate theoretical and technological tools are identified and used so that specific learning procedures are supported in order to help all students develop self-regulation reading skills. This paper addresses the aforementioned issues and aims to synthesize a framework based on which a web-based reading environment could be carefully designed to aid the instructor while at the same time fostering reading comprehension and self-regulated reading for diverse students. Integrating Technology in Reading Comprehension Instruction 2.1 Rethinking reading comprehension instruction There are three main obstacles to effective instruction in reading comprehension. The first is associated with teachers’ inadequate training and preparation for the teaching of comprehension strategies. Secondly, effective strategy instruction requires a multitude of means for teacher-supervised practice given that good results depend on regular and continuous practice with abundant, personalized feedback. Finally, the third barrier is related to the growing diversity in contemporary classrooms . There is no doubt that it is desirable to provide all students with the opportunity for significant improvement of their reading comprehension. This is indeed feasible firstly via the transition from the traditional to a modern model of understanding and the treatment of reading as a holistic process. In particular, the modern model perceives understanding as a result of the reader’s active engagement and interaction with the text, in contrast to the traditional model where the dominant idea is that the reader is a passive recipient of the message. Moreover, the traditional perception of reading comprehension focuses on the linear acquisition of a carefully sequenced list of reading skills, whereas according to the modern model these skills are regarded as a set of interactions. Effect of the Environment on Western Settlers EssayFigure 1. UDL Principles, Guidelines Checkpoints It is proposed that the above UDL principles are embedded in a web-based reading environment (WBRE) and that the UDL guidelines are correlated with a self-regulation scenario in order to help all learners acquire self-regulatory reading comprehension skills through a flexible technology-supported learning environment. Specifically, based on the main features of the self-regulation theory , Paraskeva et Al. have proposed a framework which can be used as a template for developing self-regulation teaching scenarios. The self-regulated learning strategies that can be used in each of the self-regulation phases are shown in Table 1. Table 1. Self Regulation (SR) Phases and Learning Strategies SR Phase A. Forethought Phase Intrinsic interest Goal Setting Modeling Keeping records monitoring Planning Strategic planning Self-motivation B. Performance Phase Rehearsing and memorizing Self-control Keeping records monitoring Self-instruction Self-observation Self-recording Seeking social assistance C. Self-reflection Phase Self-evaluation Self-monitoring Self-judgment Self-reaction Strategic planning Reflective Thinking The framework for self-regulation scenarios was based on these phases and incorporates most of these strategies, as suggested by Paraskeva et Al. This is presented in Figure 2 in correlation with the UDL checkpoints and along with the features and affordances of the proposed web-based reading environment (WBRE) which align both with the self-regulation scenario and the UDL principles. The proposed WBRE features comply with the research evidence provided by CAST and wish to extend the work already conducted in this field, with the integration of the latest web technologies. SR Learning Strategies Figure 1. Self-Regulation Scenario, UDL checkpoints WBRE features Conclusions The WBRE which will be based on the proposed framework should not be designed to replace the teacher, but it should aim instead to enable him/her to do his/her job more effectively. A carefully designed WBRE will take advantage of universal design for learning to customize a reading experience so that it offers the right level of challenge and support for each student while implementing a self-regulation scenario.

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Fiction Charles Dickens Hard Times Essay Example

Fiction Charles Dickens Hard Times Essay Home GCSE English English Literature Prose Fiction Charles Dickens Hard Times Page 1Zoom in Page 1 2 3 4 5 Next Level: GCSE Subject: English Word count: 3142 Save View my saved documents Submit similar document Share this Hard Times explore several issues from Dickenss point of view on Victorian Society, including education, marriage, industrialisation, the relationship between the middle class and the working class, and how Dickens uses different methods and techniqu Download this essay Print Save GCSE HARD TIMES An extract from this document Hard Times In the novel Hard Times, Dickens reveals the Victorian Society as apathetic, harsh and depressing. Both the environment and characters are shown to be dark, dull and drab. Dickens uses a variety of techniques to show these. I am going to explore several issues from Dickenss point of view on Victorian Society, including education, marriage, industrialisation, the relationship between the middle class and the working class, and how Dickens uses different methods and techniques to present all these. I will refer to chapters one, two, five, eleven and fifteen while discussing all these different aspects. In chapter 2, Murdering the Innocents, the title immediately tells us that someone is going to react in a certain attitude towards someone else. This is an effective way to start the chapter as it gives a hint to the reader about what will happen in the chapter. Dickens is basically trying to show us as the reader how boring and demanding life was at school in Victorian Society in this chapter. He uses phrases like Girl number twenty unable to define a horse! We will write a custom essay sample on Fiction Charles Dickens Hard Times specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Fiction Charles Dickens Hard Times specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Fiction Charles Dickens Hard Times specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer And Bitzer, your definition of a horse to show how the pupils were being treated by Mr Gradgrind. Mr Gradgrind is described as dictatorial and square which means that he is a tyrannical person and he likes to order people to do things for him because he thinks he has more power than other people. A good example of this is when Mr Gradgrind talks to Sissy Jupe. He asks her for her name and when she replies, he immediately changes her name for her dont call yourself Sissy, call yourself Cecilia. This shows exactly how strict and harsh time was for the pupils. Dickens has chosen the characters very carefully in this novel like the name Mr Gradgrind it basically means he grinds on and on and on about things just like the way he teaches his students. He created this character because he is wanting us to react in a certain emotion and feeling. A good example of this is when Gradgrind talks to Louisa about the marriage proposal, You have been well trained, you are not impulsive, you are not romantic, you are accustomed to view everything from the strong dispassionate ground of reason and calculation. From that ground alone, I know you will view and consider what I am going to communicate. This tells us how Gradgrind brings up Louisa and how hard life is for her. He always tries to fill the pupils with facts waiting to be filled so full of facts and he also tries to take all their imagination and excitement away. When Bitzer explains the definition of a horse quadruped, graminivorous, forty teeth, namely twenty four grinders, four eye teeth and twelve incisive. Here Dickens is trying to show us how the students are being taught and trained by Mr Gradgrind. They are all brought up with facts, facts and facts and they eventually become not impulsive and with no imagination at all. Dickens totally hates the education policy in Victorian Society; he gives a few examples of showing this. In the first paragraph in chapter 1, Dickens shows straight away that life was a misery for the pupils now what I want is Facts. Teach these boys and girls nothing but facts! Facts alone are wanted in life. Plant nothing else and root out everything else. This is the principle of which I bring up my own children and this is the principle on which I bring up these children. This dialogue from Mr Gradgrind automatically shows that he doesnt like anything apart from facts and that he is trying to make all these pupils including his own children to follow his footsteps, Facts alone I wanted in life is what Mr Gradgrind believes and tells his students. Another point Dickens tries to tell us is that the pupils dont have their own freedom and individuality, they are known as different numbers instead of their name, girl number 20! This suggests to us that they are being trained and looked after like animals in a zoo. The setting Dickens has chosen in this chapter is in a very plain and dull classroom described as, plain, bare, monotonous vault of a school room This is not a good place for education as it is dull, ray of sunlight which, darting in at one of the bare windows of the intensely whitewashed room. Dickens uses all these different techniques to express his views on education. Dickens shows us that Mr Gandgrind is a bit selfish, demanding and aggressive. He only looks at one point and believes he is always right and other people are wrong, with a rule and a pair of scales, ready to weigh and measure any parcel of human nature and tell you exactly what it comes to. Dickens has used this phrase to describe Mr Gradgrind, and it is a very effective phrase because it creates an image in our heads of how demanding he is and how obsessed with facts he is. Mr Gradgrind thinks his way of educating is excellent but really, he is destroying all the students precious lives and his own children as well, he keeps them in a small private study room and never allows them to see the real world. An example of this is when Louisa and Tom goes and visits the circus, peeping at the circus. Dickens is trying to suggest that Louisa and Tom are sick of their lives and they really want to visit the outside world. They have no other friends at all apart from each other and they can not communicate with any other people outside their house or class, I am sick of my life, Loo. I hate it altogether and I hate everybody except you! This shows how dull and boring their lives were and how bad they were brought up by Mr Gradgrind. When Mr Gradgrind finds out that they were in the circus, he was very furious because he thought circuses were foolish things and wasnt anything to do with facts, Thomas and you to whom the circle of the science is open; Thomas and you, who may be said to be replete with facts; Thomas and you, who have been trained to mathematical exactness; Thomas and you here! In this degraded position! Yet, he is still talking about facts when he is telling them to go home! Dickens really puts a picture in the readers mind that Mr Gradgrind is totally obsessed with FACTS and he finds nothing else interesting or entertaining. Because of Gradgrinds obsession with facts, this has leaded on a huge effect on Louisa. When Louisa got older and older, she became more dispassionate. Even when a marriage proposal was being made, she act as though she didnt care about it and marriage was a huge commitment. Dickens shows an interesting point on marriage. He suggests to us that life was unfair for people who got married and wished to get divorced because there were strict laws to punish them and he also shows that marriage wasnt about real love in many cases. Dickens shows this by using phrases like, there is a law to punish me when Stephen Blackpool asks for advice about ending a marriage with Mr Bounderby because he is sick of his wife and he can not stand it anymore, I cannot beart nommore! Blackpool tries very hard to get divorced and he even pays his wife a lot of money to keep her away from him, I ha paid her to keep awa fra me but it never worked because she kept coming back and coming back. Dickens is trying to suggest that there is no love at all in their marriage and that Stephen Blackpool is really suffering from marriage. Another reason why Blackpool wants to get divorced is so that he could marry Rachel instead, he wishes to be free, to marry the female whom he speaks Dickens is showing us how much Stephen Blackpool loves Rachel here. After the conversation between Blackpool and Bounderby, Bounderby could not help him because Stephen needed a lot of money on order to get divorced and Bounderby wouldnt lend him the money. This chapter reveals that Mr Bounderby is a very law abiding citizen and that he wont go out of his way to help other people. Another interesting point that Dickens suggests about marriage is when Mr Gradgrind talks to Louisa about the marriage proposal. When she hears the news from Gradgrind, she had no emotion at all, she never said a word and without any visible emotion. This suggests that she doesnt care who she gets married to even to the person she hates the most, a good example of this is when Mr Bounderby kisses Louisa on the cheek (Chp 4) and when he left, she immediately rubbed her cheeks furiously, you may cut the piece out with your penknife and I wouldnt cry! In this marriage proposal situation, Dickens makes it look more like a contract in Gradgrinds mind rather than a real marriage because the proposal was offered directly to Gradgrind instead of Louisa herself. Dickens is suggesting that the marriage proposal wasnt really about love but more like a question and an answer, the question I have to ask myself is, shall I marry him? That is so, is it not? Dickens is basically showing that he doesnt agree with marriage at all in the Victorians Times because once people got married, they could not be allowed to get divorced regardless of happiness, family problems or even money etc Dickens doesnt agree with many aspects of Industrialisation at all. He uses many examples to show how Industrialisation affects both the people and the environment. He uses techniques like Imagery and Phonic Pattering to create an impression of the environment and Coketown itself. Firstly in Chapter 11, Dickens uses words like crashing, smashing and tearing of mechanism these words really tells the reader what the industry is like because it creates noises in the readers minds (noise of metals being cut into pieces and the machines roaring) Dickens also uses phrases like monstrous serpents of smoke and melancholy mad elephants doing their heavy exercises to create a picture of what the factories were like (full of pollution and tired workers working in blackened factories. He used these metaphors which were very effective to create an even better image, there wasnt really serpents in the sky but he used those words to make it seem as though there was. And when he uses the phrase, mad elephants, polished and oiled up for the days monotony, were at their heavy exercises again he basically is wanting to compare the elephants to the workers as though they were both at hard work and the same old boring routines everyday. Throughout the introduction of Chapter 11, Dickens has mentioned the word monotonous and it basically means extremely boring. He is trying to make the reader feel sorry for the workers because they have to work very hard and they are surrounded by pollution and also in an extremely dull environment. This shows how depressing lifes the working class had. Dickens also tries to make a point about human nature in this chapter because he makes the machine sound as though they were taking over the workers, there were more and more machines and factories being built which would produce a lot more pollution, in the waste yard outside, the steam from the escape pipe, the litter of barrels and old iron, the ashes everywhere. A way that Dickens uses to help him create the impact of Industrialisation is by describing Coketown itself. In chapter 5, he uses the phrase, it was a town of red brick, or of brick that would have been red if the smoke and ashes had allow it. This suggests that Coketown was absolutely filled with smoke and that buildings were turning black because of it. This gives us a picture of a very dull town and a very polluted town. Another example Dickens uses to show the town was polluted is by saying, serpents of smoke trailed themselves for ever and ever and never got uncoiled. This means that the smoke will never die out and it will last on forever polluting the town. The way Dickens describes Coketown makes it sound extremely tedious, boring and over-filled with waste and pollution. He uses the phrase, large streets all very like on another, small streets still like one another, people like one another, who all went in and out at the same hours, to do the same work everyday. This phrase is really effective because it describes the inhabitants of Coketown, all very similar and even the streets and their type of work are the same, this shows how boring lives were for people in the Victorian Times. Dickens shows us that he totally hates the impact of Industrialisation because all the natural things like trees and land were being replaced with factories and buildings. This was terrible because it produced a large amount of waste and pollution and it turned the whole town into a polluted and hard-working town, saw nothing in Coketown but what was severely workful. He is suggesting that the town is only to do with work and facts and nothing else. Dickens also describes the town as savage which means it is unclean and ferocious, black canal and a river that ran purple with ill smelling dye. This also shows how sickening the town was for people. Dickens uses all these different techniques and phrases to express his views on Industrialisation and it really gives a full picture of how the environment looked like and how dull and boring the workers lives were. Dickens also creates a circus in the novel to show that there was some hope for a bit of joy and entertainment for people and it wasnt just about work but this leads straight on to the different classes between people because in Chapter 2, when Sissy describes her fathers job, Mr Gradgrind (middle class) redefines his job straight away, describe your father as a horse breaker. This starts to show that Gradgrind doesnt like the working class people and he doesnt want anyone to mention anything about them at all, we dont want to know anything about that here Another point Dickens uses to suggest that Gradgrind doesnt like the working class is by saying he keeps his own children in a private study room where they get privately educated whereas the other students just get educated in one big hall. Gradgrind does this in order to keep his children away from the lower class students so they dont get influenced, he doesnt allow them to go anywhere at all so its really like a prison. This shows how much Gradgrind hates the working class people. Dickens shows us that Bounderby doesnt like the working class as well as Gradgrind. He uses a number of phrases to show this, firstly, when Bounderby, Gradgrind and Sissy were walking towards the circus, Sissy talks about what her father does in the circus and when she said they bruise themselves very badly, Bounderby immediately replies, serves them right for being idle. This means that Bounderby thinks the working class are useless and act like fools. Another phrase that Bounderby uses to show that he hates the working class is by saying, you see my friend, we are the kind of people who know the value of time and you are the kind of people who dont know the value of time. Bounderby is basically trying to say that he knows a lot more things that the working class and that he is always right and they are always wrong. It also shows that Bounderby thinks he is more important than them because he has more power. A good example of showing Bounderby as a selfish and bossy person is when he talks to Stephen Blackpool. Bounderby considers him to be in a different class to him and this is partly why Bounderby wouldnt lend him the money to get divorced and because of the fact that he is a bit selfish. All of Bounderbys workers follow what he says but Stephen on the other hand follows what he believes is right and this leads on to Stephen being sacked and thrown out of the group. This reveals that Bounderby likes to control people around and he doesnt like the people obeying his orders. A big difference between the working class and the middle class is the way they talk and treated, example, Stephen Blackpool in the working class doesnt speak properly because there are a lot of contractions in his speech, I ha gone t th brigg whereas Gradgrind and Bounderby in the middle class speak very clearly and understandable. Another example of this is when Bounderby talks to Mr Childers in the circus, the people in the circus all have funny names and strange words and Bounderby didnt understand any of it, nine oils, merrylegs, missing tips, garters, banners and ponging, eh He then takes a great and evil laugh at them because he thinks they are fools and they use words that means nothing to him, with his laugh of laughs, queer sort of company. He shows no respect to them at all and this is how Bounderby treats the working class. Dickens uses all these points to show that he is totally against the way the middle class treats the working class all just because they have less power and less wealth. Overall, Dickens reveals that Victorian Society was a very harsh, unfair and depressing society. He shows he absolutely hated the way the education system was set up because it almost destroyed the innocent lives of the students and all their excitement. Dickens also shows that he totally disagrees with the way the middle class treats the working class and he believes that the middle class were selfish and arrogant whereas the working class lived horrible and unfair lives. Dickens hated the entire industry in Victorian Times because it was filled with pollution and workers lives were downtrodden because they had to work in blackened factories and towns. Dickens also shows that he didnt like the laws of marriage because people were suffering from it and they couldnt get divorced because of the laws. Dickens hated all of these aspects and therefore he created the novel Hard Times to go against it all.

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Wake Up to a Great Morning With These 10 Sunshine Quotes

Wake Up to a Great Morning With These 10 Sunshine Quotes American songwriter Jimmie Davis once wrote, Sunshine is a welcome thing. It brings a lot of brightness. Hes absolutely right. When the first rays of the sun pours into your bedroom window, you will squint at it under your sheets, but it sure brings a welcome smile on your face. Most parts of the earth receives sunshine throughout the year. I wonder how I would survive the dark, sunless months, if I lived closer to the poles. We dont pay much attention to the gift of sunshine, simply because it has always been available to us in abundance. In the freezing months of December, when the sun looks bleak, we wish for a little warmth and brightness. When summer comes rolling by, with the sun merrily basking us with golden rays, we forget how blessed we are to receive this wonderful gift of nature. Why the Sun Is Your Best Friend Wouldnt you rather wake up to the morning glow instead of the incessantly screaming alarm clock? Would you not feel more alive after a brisk morning walk in the sun, instead of gulping down your low-fat decaf? It is an established fact that those who wake up to the first rays of the sun are less likely to feel lethargic, and low in enthusiasm than those who force themselves to wake up to artificial mechanisms. Your body clock, when in sync with nature, helps improve metabolism, productivity, and satisfaction. Your body will thank you for the extra bit of sunshine it receives, as it boosts your immunity, hormone production, and memory. Say goodbye to skin, bone, and muscle ailments with that extra dose of sunshine on your body. How Much Sunshine Is Too Much Sunshine While medical experts vary with the amount of sun one needs. While on one hand, lack of sun exposure has lead to an alarming increase in Vitamin D deficiency in the general population, too much exposure to sun increases the risk of skin cancer due to ultra violet radiation. While the jury is still out on what is the correct amount of sunshine needed for good health, lets go with a balanced approach. A good amount of sunshine that would make you look slightly flushed and bring a glow to your skin is safe. Make sure to take as much sun protection as needed, in order to avoid burning. If however, you come home looking like a red lobster, you know you have gotten yourself way too much sun. What better place to enjoy sunshine other than the beach? Head to the closest beach with your sun protection and beach basket to soak in some golden rays and dig your feet deep into the soft sand. Theres nothing more therapeutic than enjoying a sunny day playing with the waves or frolicking on the beach. If beaches are not your favorite, head to the hills. While you can enjoy the cool mountain breeze, you will also enjoy the warmth of the sunlight that will feed your body with the energy to go on. Sunshine Is Your Best Bet for Good Health Dont fear the sun. The sun is the reason for life on this planet. It has been around for millions of years, and will continue to do so for many more million years. Enjoy the sun and feel yourself growing alive as you turn your face towards the sun. Harper Lee, To Kill a MockingbirdSummer was on the way; Jem and I awaited it with impatience. Summer was our best season: it was sleeping on the back screened porch in cots, or trying to sleep in the tree house; summer was everything good to eat; it was a thousand colors in a parched landscape; but most of all, summer was Dill. Ralph Waldo EmersonLive in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air. Helen KellerKeep your face to the sunshine and you will never see the shadow. Charles Dickens, Oliver TwistThe sun,the bright sun, that brings back, not light alone, but new life, and hope, and freshness to manburst upon the crowded city in clear and radiant glory. Through costly-coloured glass and paper-mended window, through cathedral dome and rotten crevice, it shed its equal ray. Anne BronteA light wind swept over the corn, and all nature laughed in the sunshine. Lillie LangtryAnyones life truly lived consists of work, sunshine, exercise, soap, plenty of fresh air, and a happy contented spirit. Joey TolbertFor every day that there is sunshine, there will be days of rain,its how we dance within them both that shows our love and pain. Ken KeseyYouve got to get out and pray to the sky to appreciate the sunshine; otherwise youre just a lizard standing there with the sun shining on you. John RuskinSunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather. F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great GatsbyAnd so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.

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Tramatic Brain Injury Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Tramatic Brain Injury - Research Paper Example TBI is also associated with closed head injuries as oppose to penetrating injuries of the skull and brain stem, although not always exclusively since there can be multiple characteristics of initial injuries with both penetrating and non-penetrating effects.. (Papanicolaou) There are an estimated 20 to 50 million people [worldwide]are injured or disabled in road traffic accidents every year with those between ages 18 and 25 experiencing the greatest incidence. According to the Centers for Disease Control, individuals over age 75 are at high risk for TBI due to falls. By 2020, the World Health Organization projects that road traffic injuries will be the third leading cause of global disease or injury. Motor vehicle accidents are a major cause of TBI in less developed countries and a leading cause of morbidity and mortality (Bay, Kreulen, Shavers, and Currier 141) TBI severity is grouped into three general classifications: mild, moderate, or severe. The diagnosis is dependent upon seve ral factors, the depth and length any coma that was induced by the TBI, the duration of any posttraumatic amnesia, the overall time to respond consistently to stimuli, as well as the neuroimaging and electrophysiological studies, and measures of brainstem function. â€Å"As severity levels increase, the range and extent of possible long-term physical, cognitive, and psychosocial impairments increases.† (Degeneffe 257) These classifications have been further codified by the introduction of the Glasgow Coma Scale, which was originally developed to help practitioners diagnose the level of consciousness of a patient after a head injury. It has now been adapted to rate TBI survivors in the mild, moderate or severe classification. The scale is reproduced in Appendix I. There is certainly a general lack of understanding regarding individual how have suffered a TBI and the resultant issues arising from it. This results in many TBI sufferers receiving treatment by medical, psycho-soci al or other personnel who do not have experience with TBI. This is especially true in cases of Mild TBI where the patient is presented with headache, vomiting, dizziness; work-related difficulties, forgetfulness, or mood disorders without mention any current head trauma thus impairing a proper diagnosis and treatment. By informing medical practitioners about the general symptoms of TBI, there would be a better chance of asking if the patient had suffered a recent head injury. (Bay, Kreulen, Shavers, and Currier) Once a TBI has been diagnosed often the first medical professional to be alerted is the neuropsychologist. Neuropsychology is a complex field of psychology for it incorporates a variety of other sciences such as psychiatry, neuroscience, neurology as well as cognitive psychology. The general theory of Clinical Neuropsychology will provide the basic tools and techniques necessary to assist individuals with TBI in developing the appropriate coping skills and strategies needed to reclaim their lives. This will allow them to return to a life of greater independence in order to live successfully in the community. The conducted research and readings surrounding Clinical Neuropsychology has an in depth understanding of the organic component of brain damage in those with TBI, giving a keener insight into the treatment and therapies that